SAP Glossary – Terms and Abbreviations

his is a glossary around SAP: Acronyms, Terms, and abbreviated structures are rapidly and basically cleared up. Notwithstanding the way that it is pretty much nothing yet it grows always.


Compact discs Views

SAP CDS Views (Core Data Services Views) are a bit of the new programming model of SAP S/4 Hana. Compact discs Views give predefined SQL request to no less than one database tables. Like the ABAP Dictionary Views. Nevertheless, with essentially more features. Here are the
what is the full form of erp in sap differentiations between an ABAP Dictionary View and an ABAP CDS Views cleared up. This grants effectively and reasonably to interface and access data.

There are two sorts of CDS View:



ABAP CDS Views can be used in a R/3 system without a HANA database if the ABAP Stack is at any rate invigorated to the structure 7.40 SP05. HANA CDS Views must be used with a HANA Database. Here are the differentiations between ABAP CDS Views and HANA CDS Views elucidated.

The inside thought of the new programming model and therefore CDS Views is to

reduce the reason in the application server

trade method of reasoning of the application server to the database

trade method of reasoning of the application server to the client side

Albums Views are a bit of both trading reason to the database level and to the client side.

There is no execution qualification between an ABAP Dictionary View and an ABAP CDS View in a R/3 structure in case you do a similar requesting. Since both use unequivocally the comparable SQL underneath. Nevertheless, using CDS Views in a R/3 structure gives the upsides of:

being set up for S/4

adequately making verifiable OData Services

continuously fruitful endorsement checks

using Smart Controls and Fiori Elements in SAP UI5

execution advantage when SQL announcements get bundled



SAP Fiori isn’t SAP UI5! Many get bewildered here. SAP UI5 is a framework for web applications. The development behind the front-end. SAP Fiori is a customer experience (UX) for SAP UI5 web applications. However, for SAP UI5 applications just as other SAP frameworks as the CRM Web Client UI Framework. There is a skin one can apply to the Web UI to get the intently look like of SAP Fiori.

SAP Fiori chooses how a web application intently takes after. It offers standards to how the UI of a SAP UI5 web application ought to take after.

However, it is possible to develop a SAP UI5 application that does not seek after the SAP Fiori checks. It is past the domain of creative energy to hope to collect a SAP Fiori application without the SAP UI5 or OPEN UI5 framework. (okay. truth be told it is in case you would apply physically the structure of SAP UI5 to a web application. haha.)

Fiori Launchpad

The SAP Fiori Launchpad is a holder for SAP UI5 applications. It is the area point for all SAP UI5 applications. The end customers get the chance to SAP UI5 applications through the SAP Fiori Launchpad. On versatile, tablet, or too work territory.

Each SAP UI5 application inside a SAP Fiori Launchpad is addressed through a tile. An application starts if the customer taps on its tile. Commensurate to the UI of a mobile phone.



SAP Gateway is a blend advancement that interfaces the front-end with the back-end. It uses the OData show. For example, a SAP Gateway interfaces a SAP UI5 application to the database. The SAP Gateway itself lives on a back-end SAP structure.



OData or Open Data Protocol opens up the data storage facilities of SAP. It is the glue between the front-end and the back-end. For example, between a SAP UI5 application and the database. The show enables the correspondence between the back-end server and the SAP UI5.



SAP UI5 is a framework. A framework to manufacture web applications. The framework is made out of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. SAP UI5 decouples the front-end improvement from the back-end progression. It has a Model View Controller Architecture.

OPEN UI5 is the open source variation of SAP UI5. It is permitted to use under the Apache 2.0 grant. OPENUI5 is equal to SAP UI5. Beside specific libraries which are avoided in OPENUI5 yet rather in SAP UI5. Like charts or sharp control. Sharp controls are subsequently structured by splendid OData remarks.

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