What is Cantineoqueteveo?

It is the “catchphrase” made for a SEO challenge , on this event, sorted out by the site cantinamarketera.com , evidently the site is controlled by Miguel Angel Almela and José Marquez (truly, the proprietor of the discussion Azul – foro20).

This catchphrase must be situated in the main 1 of Google.es results.

To what extent is the challenge?

The span of this challenge is more than two months. It started on February 19, and finishes on May 6 of this current year.

Standards or prerequisites to take an interest in the 2019 SEO challenge

Taking an interest is free, beforehand you need to agree to accept a cantineoqueteveo mailing show (it’s on the challenge page).

The space to utilize will be NEW CREATION (here is the thing that many anticipated). Unmistakably you would now be able to utilize areas with the careful watchword. Obviously, this area does not must have been utilized previously, they will check that it is new.

Destinations are not permitted in Blogspot, WordPress or anything comparable. Just purchase a NEW area that has been enlisted as of February 19, 2019.

Dark Hat is permitted.

Position the developed catchphrase: Cantineoqueteveo.

Anybody can take an interest and from any piece of the world, interestingly, the SEO methodology ought to be founded on the web search tool of Google.es.

The outcomes will be checked with the SEOBOX programming. The victors will be declared on May 6 at 5:00 pm (Spain time). They will be founded just on the Google.es web crawler for the city of MADRID.

Who makes this challenge conceivable?

The organizations that help to make the Cantineoqueteveo challenge conceivable are essentially three:

Raiola Networks

This Spanish facilitating organization is a standout amongst the best known in the website admin/web optimization scene. Notwithstanding supporting the challenge, they offer a rebate coupon to employ a facilitating administration, which can be utilized to take an interest in the challenge.


Given that Prensarank is one of the accomplices of indistinguishable proprietors from the Cantina Marketera venture, it couldn’t be forgotten either. The same number of should know, this organization is committed to the closeout of spaces on pertinent sites (papers, online journals, and so forth.), which should be possible by Linkbuilding. On this webpage you can purchase articles in computerized papers and online journals.


This organization checking the rankings and control of CTR through its CTRBOX instrument, will likewise support this SEO challenge. Indeed, as we referenced previously, it will be the device with which the rankings will be kept an eye upon the arrival of the finish of the challenge, since they state that at present it is a standout amongst the most solid SERPs rankings in Spanish.


It is another organization like Prensarank, in spite of the fact that they are authorities in making manual connections in various discussions and 2.0 online journals. In the challenge they resolve to be in favor of all members offering the accompanying:

Duty that you will get every one of the connections in the time of the challenge (it is basic that you register and send an email to help).

Different supporters

Aside from those referenced over, a few organizations, for example, Buyatext, Trainingrosa, and so forth have likewise joined.

What Cantineoqueteveo has to do with Seovolución, Seoveinte and DinoRank uproots you and Enlazalia joins you

Catineoqueteveo , like Seovolución, Seoveinte and DinoRank dislodges you and Enlazalia joins you are watchwords created for a SEO challenge.

Seovolución was the watchword made for the SEO challenge sorted out by Forobeta in 2014. The victor of this challenge was Álvaro Sáez, otherwise called Chuiso .

Seoveinte was the watchword made for the SEO challenge sorted out by foro20 in a similar year as the one referenced previously. In this open door the champ was Luis Villanueva .

Technique to position Cantineoqueteveo

For my situation, I truly won’t make a difference uncommon systems, nor do I have any secret weapon, I will just take a shot at two principal questions.

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